Seller Pre-Sale Inspection

  • When people want to get a building or house ready to put on the market, it can be overwhelming and questions like ‘what needs to be corrected’ and ‘what should be updated’ arise.

  • With our services we will provide a thorough inspection and define what safety hazards might exist as well as issues that may come up in the buyer’s request to fix list.

  • You can help avoid losing a buyer by having a list of your own to utilize.


Buyer Inspection

  • If you are interested in buying a building or house but are unsure of overlooked hazards, defects, or issues not visible, our inspectors are here to help.

  • We will provide you with the satisfaction of protecting your investment with a multi-point inspection, which includes reviewing all the multiple systems and infrastructure.


Maintenance Inspection

  • Life gets busy and sometimes those little maintenance tasks that don’t get done in a timely manner can grow into larger problems and even at times greater cost if not corrected early enough.

  • During your inspection, we will identify simple maintenance options that you should do right now or in the near future to prolong the life of your equipment and reduce expensive major repairs and replacements later.


Office Aesthetics Consulting

  • With years of knowledge in the construction quality control department, we know quality, so let us help you present a visually pleasing front office.

  • Our consultants will provide an aesthetic review of your office where we will see what you may not - from mechanical grills cleaning to whatever the new customer might see.

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